Todd Davis - LETS GO CHAMP!

Don’t let anybody stop you from achieving your goals.
— Todd Davis Jr.

We are so pumped to have Todd Davis as this week's podcast episode guest.

Fans of the NFL surely recognize the nameas Todd is the Starting Middle Linebacker and Defensive Signal Caller of Superbowl 50 champion Denver Broncos. He also happens to be a former team mate, and close friend of Ryan; and is currently active in real estate investing.

Todd started as a undrafted free agent out of Sacramento State, a "Small" University. For those who are not familiar, an undrafted free agent has a snowflakes chance in hell of making the team as the 90 man roster is cut to 53 every fall. After 4 years Todd not only made it through that gauntlet, but has emerged as a pivitol part of the broncos defense and earned himself a nice littel contract this year because of it. If that not fighting adversity and the odds, i'm not sure what we can bring you that portrays that better than this.  

In this interview, Ryan and Todd talked about his off-season preparations, the mental game in the NFL, his passion for real estate, hard work, and many more interesting subjects in this quick but informative episode.

I apologize in advance if this podcast makes you forsake your current NFL ties and jump on the bronco bandwagon; its hard not to cheer for a guy like Todd on the Field and in Life.

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[01:30] - Ryan is giving a quick bio of Todd Davis - Middle Linebacker of Superbowl 50 Denver Broncos. He is a close friend of Ryan
[03:37] - Ryan did a quick recap of last week's episode with Andrew Sinasohn of Zacuto Group. His takeaway is 'participation leads to opportunity in all aspects in life' and dont live life on the sideline or social media
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[04:49] - Ryan says that the giveaway is on hold for a week. He mistimed it for a week
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[06:45] - Todd shares a quick bio of himself  
[07:23] - Todd shares what goes on during off-season in football. It is where players prepare for the season - full of workouts and trainings
[09:45] - Ryan asks what does Todd do aside from training this off-season. Todd says that he took his family to Disney World and other travels
[10:37] - Ryan says that he and his girlfriend are close friends with Todd's family
[11:25] - Ryan asks Todd what did he do to Costa Rica
[11:53] - Ryan asks his experience buying his first house. Todd says that the process went well in general
[13:48] - Todd says that her wife is now part of a real estate company and is working on two listings right now
[14:18] - Ryan asks Todd if his dad is now back in real estate game
[16:02] - Ryan shares his day to day preparation for the games. He says that the game is 75% mental and 25% physical
[18:53] - Ryan asks the stresses involved with the process of getting cut in the team
[21:45] - Todd says that the stress affects him everyday thinking about the season and the preparations he's doing
[22:52] - Ryan asks Todd his 'wish I knew then' - Todd says that he wished he knew then how to keep his body right so that he can be 100% the whole season
[24:35] - Todd says that one of his goal is to own real estate properties not only in LA but on other states as well. He also want to have a real estate license to help with the family
[25:15] - Todd says that if he wasn't playing football, he would likely be working on real estate or something related to investment banking
[25:55] - Ryan asks Todd his 3 year vision for himself. Todd says that 3 years from now, he want to have properties and be in a great place in his life
[27:45] - Todd says that A+ Living is still going strong
[28:45] - Ryan asks Todd what is his parting advice for entrepreneur or to someone who is facing an insurmountable challenge
[29:14] - Todd says that don't let anybody stop you reaching for your goal. Don't even look at the odds of achieving it and just believe that you're gonna make it
[30:34] - "If something is important to you, go make it happen"
[31:38] - REALTOR OF THE WEEK - DAVIS PEMSTEIN of Climb Real Estate
[31:53] - In 2016 alone, Davis closed over $32M in sales
[33:33] - Jerry shifts gear for this week's episode to  shed some light on some of the great tools that you can implement to your business as a real estate professional and it might help you snag a client or two
[33:53] - First tool: ePropertyWatch which is a property monitoring system
[35:15] - Jerry shares the importance of ePropertyWatch
[35:35] - Jerry says that as a real estate agent, you can add value to your client by signing them up to ePropertyWatch and your client will receive a report/stats around his/her neighborhood every 4-6 weeks
[36:00] - Second tool: It is a website full of resources for real estate agents
[37:15] - Third tool: Intelius - an app where you can perform a simple background check on a specific person. 
[37:48] - Jerry shares a scenario where you can use Intelius as a real estate professional
[38:29] - Fourth tool: myFirstAm - a property profile search tool where you can pull up information on a property around you
[39:55] - Last tool: Costs First - a site where you can create a net sheet for a seller that you are meeting with. 


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