Marshall Jones - Making Plays ----> Making Deals

When someone sells their house, that’s pretty much the biggest asset they have so they have to trust you with that
— Marshall Jones

In this week's episode, we feature Marshall Jones - a Multi-Family Investment Specialist at Marcus & Millchap in Greater Los Angeles who helps clients to re-position equity to increase cash flow and obtain a better return on investment. 

Marshall is a former football player at USC and NFL before venturing into real estate. 

Ryan and Marshall discussed a myriad of topics - his jouney to real estate, how their team works, how he gets leads, and so much more!

If you are one of those who think that real estate is easy, take your time to listen to this interview and wait for his answer to Ryan's 'wish I knew then'. 


[1:15] Ryan announces that one of his listing is now an escrow and got another acquisition
[2:20] Ryan did a recap of last week's episode with Erik DeArkland. His biggest takeaway from the episode is the way Erik has been able to adapt to market changes and engineered a life that he wants
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[5:30] Ryan is giving a quick bio of Marshall Jones - He is a former USC Football player and also went to NFL for a season before going into a real estate
[6:35] Ryan asks Marshall if he's an LA guy
[6:55] Ryan shares that he and Marshall were teammates before at USC. He also said that Marshall was the highest recruited Safety in his class
[7:15] Marshall shares his highschool roots before going to USC - He was heavily recruited and USC was really his target school, then met Ryan, and played for a couple of years at USC
[9:25] Ryan asks Marshall if did he got into real estate immediately after going to USC. Marshall says that he didn't know what to do at first so he became a coach for a year
    His college professor told him to get a license because he wants a career in real estate. 
[9:50] He came across a firm and was lucky that he got started with a family friend's house to sell
[11:40] Marshall says that after 2 years of dealing with residential houses, he switched to commercial real estate
[12:00] Marshall made a swich to commercial real estate because it's business oriented unlike residential which is emotional oriented
[12:55] Marshall says that the areas he's working on are going pretty well
[14:40] Marshall says that he switched broker to Marcus & Millichap - the biggest investment real estate in the country
[14:45] Ryan asks Marshall how can the audience reach out to Marshall
[15:15] Ryan asks if Marshall is part of a team or solo - Marshall says that he is part of a team and his senior agent has been in the company for 26 years
[16:00] Marshall says their team specializes on  apartment buildings
[16:44] Ryan asks how Marshall gets his leads on commercial real estate
[17:45] Marshall says he uses Salesforce for CRM and Excel sheets
[18:40] Ryan asks what is the difference between the commercial contract and the residential contract
[20:15] Marshall shares his 'Wish I knew then' - He wished that he saved more cash then because real estate is not a 9 to 5 job. He was just fortunate that he have a great support system.
[21:55] Ryan asks Marshall  his view of the real estate market 3 years from now. He says that commercial market might go down but definitely now it's at the peak and property value is still high
[24:05] Ryan asks Marshall's 3 year personal goal. He says that he'll buy a few apartments buildings before buying his own house.
[25:55] REALTOR OF THE WEEK - PATRICK CRANE - a realtor in Northeast Los Angeles
[26:06] He started to do business in Northeast LA before other people have thought about it
[27:40] Jerry gives a disclaimer about legal advice but reiterates the importance of having knowledge with holding a title
[28:55] Jerry discusses the different ways on holding the Title
[31:15] Jerry discusses another way of holding a Title buy having a Trust
[31:48] Jerry discusses the 3 roles in every Trust
[34:45] Jerry discusses the 4 ways of vesting

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