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If I’m working for someone and they know more than me, or they know as much as me, I respect them way more than someone who’s just telling me to do something and they don’t know shit.
— Kent Yoshimura

We have a new look and new name, but the premise and goal remains - to bring you the most entertaining show in real estate. 

Welcome to The Wave!

To kick off our second season into high gear, we have Kent Yoshimura.

Kent is a multi-media artist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA. 

Throughout his professional career, Kent has directed content for global brands such as McDonald’s, Lego, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, AT&T, Benjamin Moore, Ford, and many others. As an artist, he illustrated Master Davey and The Magic Tea House, which was released worldwide at all Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations, and his illustration Lion Lake Lyin’ can be seen alongside artists such as Brian Selznick, Mo Willems, and Ezra Jack Keats traveling across children’s museums.

He also competed internationally in a variety of martial arts and is the co-founder of NeuroGum.

Aside from discussing Neurogum, Kent and Ryan also talked about Kent's beginnings - from working at a record label to where he is now today, his activities, morning routines, martial arts, and more. They also had an interesting discussion about the upcoming fight between Mayweather vs. McGregor. Who will win? Who knows, but both Ryan and Kent have opposite bets on who will win.

Kent is one hell of a Renaissance man. He started from the bottom and he took various opportunities that lead him up to where he is now. Listen or watch the whole episode here. We got you covered.

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[00:54] - Ryan shares some changes on the podcast this season 2
[01:56] - Ryan is giving a quick bio of today's guest, Kent Yoshimura. Kent is a multi-media artist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA. He co-founded a gum company called NeuroGum
[03:57] - Ryan thanked his listeners for continued support despite of 2-month hiatus
[04:35] - Don't forget to give us feedback on the show
[04:55] - Ryan says that he is looking for interns who can help him on booking, locking down sponsors, and producing the show
[05:45] - Ryan shares his experience with NeuroGum
[06:45] - Ryan asks Kent about NeuroGum. NeuroGum is the only nootropic energy gum on the market. His goal is to reinvent the way people consume energy, making it more of a daily habit the same way as coffee is
[10:00] - Kent says that the most tested nootropic stack in the world by multiple sources is caffeine and L-Theanine which is what they are using at NeuroGum
[10:55] - Ryan asks Kent how they established the brand
[11:53] - Ryan asks Kent on where can the people get NeuroGum. Kent says that NeuroGum is available thru Amazon. They are also blasting on colleges and in partnership with fitness chain Equinox
[12:25] - Kent shares their upcoming strategic partnerships with key investors.
[14:16] - Kent says "If I'm working for someone and they know more than me, or they know as much as me, or whatever it is, I respect them way more than someone who's just telling me to do something and they don't know shit."     
[14:52] - Ryan asks Kent who is he going to pick: Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk. Kent breaks the two down but still chooses Elon Musk
[16:13] - Kent shares about his latest murals and 6000 square foot wall. Kent says that he hired 4 of his friends. He also said that "You can't do anything yourself." 
[17:23] - Kent says that he doesn't consider graphic design and logo is not art. There is creativity and art behind it but and the end of the day, it's creating for someone else, branding. 
[18:40] - Kent shares about his latest achievements on his art shows. He just finished painting on a historic landmark for LA which is the oldest movie theater in LA.
[20:33] - Ryan asks Kent on how working at a record label pushed him to new highs. Kent says that it's all about opportunities. 
[22:00] - Kent says that he wants to create a documentary about his friend who's father died in the hands of a then 13 year old.
[22:49] - Kent shares how he met CBTL's CEO, work with them for their "children's branding", and then working on a music studio for film and television for Sony affiliated channels.
[24:25] - Ryan shares that Kent is one of the best in Judoka.
[26:00] - Ryan asks Kent how he stays in shape. Kent says he do various activities like rock climbing, and everyday workout.
[27:15] - Kent shares his thoughts about Mayweather vs. McGregor. He argues that McGregor doesn't have a chance. Kent also said that he'll be in Las Vegas during the fight.
[28:00] - Ryan thinks that McGregor has a chance on Mayweather. 
[30:00] - Kent and Ryan talks about Jon Jones and his fighting style .
[30:35] - Ryan says that Jon Jones can beat Brock Lesnar.
[31:30] - Ryan asks Kent on his favorite podcasts. He says A Million Ways To Get It, Jon Rogan, RadioLab, and many more. Ryan shares his own too like Andy Frisella.
[34:45] - Kent says that Tim Ferriss' podcast is boring. He also shares some constructive criticism on Tim Ferriss.
[36:50] - Ryan asks Kent on what he listens to when it comes to music. Kent says Run The Jewels which are is El-P and Killer Mike. He also shares some books that he likes to read
[40:55] - Kent says that there's a limit on how much you can implement on self-help books.
[41:45] - Ryan asks Kent on his morning routine.
[44:00] - Ryan asks Kent on his plan when he gets funding. Kent says they're setting to be on retail and new gum flavors.
[44:55] - Kent says that they manufacture from Canada because their manufacturing process is patented. The formula is patent pending.  
[47:15] - Ryan asks what are Kent's plan for the year. Kent says his goal is for the business to run effectively while not losing his 'art' side.
[51:15] - Ryan says that the podcast is his passion project.
[52:48] - Ryan shares that he's starting to reach the limit on how many houses he can manage to flip.
[57:35] - Kent asks Ryan on what's his ultimate goal. He said his goal is by the time he's 35, he has properties that provide him $150k a year net passively.
[1:02:50] - Ryan asks Kent's plan this summer. He said he has 2 murals coming up, continue to climb mountains, and many more.


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