Evan Serling - Honey Oil


In this week’s episode, we have Evan Serling. Evan is the founder of Honey Oil -  a San Diego based concentrate brand that specializes in THC vape pens. Honey Oil works with local San Diego cultivators and extractors with the hopes of bringing the SD cannabis community closer together through collaboration and cross-promotion.

Evan is born and raised out of San Diego, CA and is a real hustler. We also got to sample their product line and it was awesome to experience the pinnacle of high grade cannabis and talk to someone who is leading the charge of bringing this product into the market.

Ryan and Evan Discuss

  • His business Honey Oil and how it started 
  • How he started using cannabis
  • His main hustle before going full time at Honey Oil
  • How competitive is the cannabis market 
  • Future plans for marketing Honey Oil on other niches
  • Different products of Honey Oil
  • Advice that he'll give to himself a year ago


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