Frank Martinez - Victory Tattoo

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In this week’s episode, our guest is my tattoo artist and a long time friend of mine, Frank Martinez. He’s a great example of someone who puts everything in line to chase a dream. After years of being an apprentice to a Japanese tattooer, he started a shop in LA but eventually sold it and moved with his family to San Angelo, Texas because his target market is located there.

Despite having a saturated market in San Angelo, he started a tattoo shop and differentiated from the competition and after a few years time, he dominated the market and now owns two tattoo shops namely Victory Tattoo and Victory North Tattoo.

Ryan and Frank discuss:

  • How he got into tattooing

  • Frank’s experience moving from LA to  Texas

  • How he differentiated his tattoo from other markets

  • How he started a tattoo shop in San Angelo

  • How he got into tattooing

  • Frank’s thoughts on Graffiti


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