Cameron Weiss - Building your Empire

What happened to him (Junior Seau) really shook our community and my family, I saw him a year and a half before he took his own life; and I never would have guessed what was coming.
— Cameron Weiss

This week's guest is Cameron Weiss from Empire Athletes: NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor and California attorney. Cameron has been around sports representation his entire life; and becoming certified in 2013. That year, he became one of the very few first-year agents to have a player drafted, and has had a player drafted every year since. In addition to the representation side, Cameron has advised players in a variety of capacities, including in the legal and marketing arenas.

His company Empire Athletes is an athletic representation firm that serves clients in both professional football and baseball. Some of their clients include Randall Telfer of Cleveland Browns, Austin Ekeler of LA Chargers, Cameron Lee of Cincinnati Bengals, and many more.

Cameron is also the agent of Michael Sam, the first openly gay football player to be drafted and play in the NFL.

Ryan and Cameron discuss:

  • The current state of Football and the NFL
  • CTE and its impact on the game. 
  • Cameron's real estate ties
  • Being 4th generation San Diegan (which is very rare nowadays)
  • NFL cuts and changes over the past 5 years
  • Who to watch out on NFL (clue: from LA Chargers) 
  • Memorable moments on his career

...and more.


[00:45] Ryan discusses the new intro with Bruce Buffer who is the ring announcer for UFC

[01:23] Ryan is doing a recap of his last week's announcement where he said that he'll compete on Gracie World's. Unfortunately he got into a bad car accident a few days before the competition

[02:21] Ryan says he lost a lot of money on the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight. Despite that, he enjoyed the entertaining fight and it highlighted the difference between a world class boxer and a very good athlete

[02:51] Ryan says he's excited for what'll be the various opportunities Connor will get from his previous fight

[03:13] Ryan says he watch the SC game last weekend

[03:29] Ryan is giving a quick bio of today's guest, Cameron Weiss who was his former agent from where he used to play football. He says that he used to play football a year and a half after college. He also had a 'cup of coffee' in the NFL and did training camp

[05:15] Ryan says that hopefully this will be the last time an episode has without an assistant

[06:10] Ryan says there are 20 applicants for assistant producer and they're going thru it

[06:45] Ryan says the previous episode with Joel Garcia has been doing great

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[08:55] Ryan asks Cameron about his siblings. Cameron says he has a younger brother and a younger sister. Cameron's younger brother works in their family business which is commercial real estate while his younger sister is a journalist and works for different magazines in NY

[09:30] Cameron shares that their family business side on real estate came from her mother's side of the family. His mom's maternal grandfather ended up doing business with his mom's father

[09:53] Cameron says his grandfather owns 30 - 40 properties throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona

[10:15] Cameron says his great grandfather and his grandfather were both working in real estate concurrently but not together and ended up joining forces in the late 50s mostly in San Diego area

[10:39] Cameron says he's a 4th generation San Diegan which is very rare

[10:55] Cameron and Ryan discusses Gaslamp. Cameron says he wants to move there ideally

[11:30] Ryan says that Gaslamp is super dog-friendly, military presence, etc

[11:50] Cameron is discussing the difference between L.A. and San Diego and his childhood place

[13:20] Ryan and Cameron is about the high crime rate and Cameron's recent experience in SF where he parked his car and someone broke into his car and stole his stuffs

[15:31] Ryan shares that he is looking to expand and San Diego is one of the places that he's looking into... or maybe Vegas

[16:30] Ryan shares his experience last June in Mexico where he lost his phone at the back of a taxi

[17:46] Cameron continues his story about his car

[18:50] Ryan asks Cameron if do you have to be an attorney if you want to be an agent. Cameron says no. He says 30% of agents are attorneys and it’s declining

[19:20] Ryan says he never knew that you can be an agent even if you’re not an attorney

[19:33] Ryan asks if there has been a severe decline of attorneys over the past few years Cameron says yes and there are lots who are unqualified.

[20:06] Ryan asks Cameron what’s the half life of a sports agent.

[20:23] Ryan asks if being an attorney is like real estate where credentials have to be renewed every 3 - 4 years. Cameron says he renews his credentials every year and every 3 years they have a continuing education requirement

[21:10] Cameron says his expertise is transactional - anything that involves contracts. If something is beyond his expertise, he refers a client to someone who specialized in that field

[22:12] Cameron says his agency only represents players from Football and Baseball. They started on just doing football because baseball tooked a longer route to be profitable

[23:37] Cameron says he learned the nuances as he go and learned a lot of experiences on his sports agency

[24:04] Ryan asks Cameron on the changes for the past 5 years on football. The kick off and kick returns have changed. Also the issue of concussion changed the landscape

[24:55] Cameron says NFL needs alongs way to go to protect their retired players

[25:40] Cameron says Junior Seau’s suicide just came out of nowhere and shocked the community and it showed how brain deterioration from concussion can put someone on meltdown

[26:29] Ryan gave a quick bio of Junior Seau for those who don’t know him

[27:55] Ryan and Cameron talks more about concussion

[29:28] Ryan shares to Cameron that he just had a recent concussion from a car accident and he got depressed for a few days

[31:58] Ryan asks Cameron on the changes for the past 5 years on the back-end. Cameron says that not much has changed. However, watching the players you’re scouting is easier, and communication is faster. He also now uses social media to look for players
[34:17] Ryan asks Cameron if he knows Gary Vaynerchuk and gives a brief into to who he is

[37:37] Ryan explains the NFL cuts

[40:25] Cameron explains that Canada is not hiring right now because they are in the middle of their season and they have roster expansion. He also says that they have a couple of players in Canada

[44:00] Cameron says it’s weird that in other sports your salary is guaranteed but in football, the most violent sport, the most popular sport is different

[44:36] Ryan asks Cameron what are his favorite stories over the last 5 years. Cameron says representing Michael Sam was one of  his ‘cool’ moment in time

[45:00] Cameron shares the story of a player he’s representing who faced adversity and came out on top

[48:20] Ryan asks who to watch out on NFL. Cameron says watch out for Austin Ekeler of Los Angeles Chargers  

[49:53] Cameron shares his story on how he found out about Austin Ekeler

[57:18] Cameron says it’s rare that a player doesn’t get seen

[1:00:07] Ryan asks Cameron about Empire’s plans in the future. Cameron says is just to keep going and continue what they do. They have no plans expanding to other sports yet

[1:01:47] Ryan and Cameron discusses Empire’s organization and their tasks

[1:02:18] Ryan and Cameron discusses McGregor and Mayweather fight

[1:06:20] Cameron says he’d go out with his fiance and his dog if he has free time


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