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The hardest part is getting started. This business has a very large reputation of people trying to get out and not making it for more than a year.
— Andrew Sinasohn

Our guest for this week's interview is Andrew Sinasohn. Regular followers of the podcast may recognize the name,  he was featured on our second week of 'Realtor of the Week'.

Andrew is a Commercial Real Estate Broker and the Vice President of Zacuto Group - a national commercial real estate brokerage firm, providing tenant representation, investment and real estate advisory services for business owners, corporate clients, and investors executing strategies which align real estate requirements with business plans.

In the last quarter of 2016 alone, the Zacuto Group closed over $15 million in tenant representation transactions.

Andrew earned his Bachelor of Science degree with honors from the Marshall School of Business/Leventhal School of Accounting at the University of Southern California in 2012. He began his professional career providing value to the M&A department at Deloitte, and later, the Assurance department at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) - where he performed financial statement analysis to Fortune 500 companies such as Disney, DirecTV, and Edison International. He specializes in tenant representation, commercial property sales, and market analysis.

Ryan and Andrew talked about Silicon Beach, his team at Zacuto Group, his business life going hand in hand with his personal life, being immersed with founders and influencers; his recent SXSW experiences, and muchmore.

Take a few minutes and listen how Andrew has been able to intertwine his work and personal life; to create opportunities that seem to multiply.



[01:24] - Ryan says that he is now buying. If you know good deals, contact Ryan at
[01:35] - Ryan did a quick recap of last week's episode with Tim Caron, Cody Romness, and Steve Blackhart of Allegiate Gym. His key takeaway is 'if it itches, scratch it' - including the itch to do want
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[04:30] - Ryan says that the winner of the 5-week long giveaway will be announced this Friday on Instagram
[06:40] - Ryan gives a quick shoutout to our audio producer Anthony and his website it
[07:15] - Ryan is giving a quick bio of Andrew Sinasohn - He was featured on our week 2 of Realtor of the Week. He is a Commercial Tenant Rep at Silicon Beach
[09:05] - Ryan asks Andrew about the geological borders of Silicon Beach. Andrew says that it's a broad term that labels Los Angeles Tech niche
[12:25] - Ryan asks Andrew about his team and what they do. Andrew says that he is part of Zacuto Group and is led by Jake Zacuto who has been in the Real Estate industry for 15 years. He and Jake have been working together for 3 and a half years already and they specialize in working with companies around Los Angeles
[13:25] - Andrew says that he loves what he's doing. He is excited working with different companies. Through their different needs, it forces him to learn their various industries to understand what's best for them
[14:08] - Andrew says that his advantage vs brokers is he finds the company, find out what they need, and then locate everything that can work for them
[16:25] - Andrew gives an example of a company that he's working with. He said that it's all about creating a relationship that is built on honesty and trust
[17:20] - Ryan commended Zacuto group because it's pretty new but it already made a splash and everything they build is made out of real hard work
[18:32] - Andrew says that reputation is everything in real estate industry. He also said that they make huge time and effort into their requirements that larger companies usually overlook
[19:44] - Andrew says there are lot's of deals he passed on because he didn't believed in the business model
[21:05] - Andrew says that his business life and personal life are intertwined
[21:42] - Andrew shares his experience at SXSW conference in Austin Texas
[25:25] - Ryan commends Andrew because he was able to network and created opportunity to himself by tying in his business life and personal life. It's like hitting two birds with one stone
[26:54] - Ryan asks Andrew if is the lifestyle that he shared is the motivation for him to take the leap into real estate
[27:15] - Andrew shares his background before going to real estate. He worked with big firms but it didn't sparked interest. He looked for various industries but real estate sparked his interest because of the opportunity of meeting experienced people, sitting down with them and helping them with their real estate decision
[30:15] - Ryan asks what motivates him to continue to excel in real estate. Andrew says that if you do business right and with integrity, people will refer you to other clients and it will open more opportunities
[32:33] - Ryan asks Andrew if he sees himself involved in commercial real estate in 3 years
[33:06] - Ryan asks Andrew on the real estate marketing in Silicon Beach. He says that Silicon Beach will not top out. He sees more companies moving to LA and it's not going anywhere
[35:15] - Andrew gives parting advice to the entrepreneurs and listeners

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