LA Top Team

Who we are...

A group of businesses with the collective goal of providing full spectrum real estate service and guidance; in a straight forward, casual, intelligent manner. With arms that extend into spaces ranging from residential brokerage, design/build, real estate media production, and beyond, we are fully geared up and prepared to lead the charge on changing how real estate is done and perceived

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What we're about..

Beyond operating as a cohesive group of all-star independent real estate businesses; we aim to...



Impact business and entrepreneurial culture as a whole by showing that big business doesn't always have to be stuffy and play by the old rules


Constantly for the independents, the rebels, the noise-makers, and those brave enough to break the mold and do things their own way. 


Keep our resources HERE:

Knowledge, Art, Experience, Education and Services.


Be an open resource for anyone questioning how to create and develop a business and lifestyle built around passion for real estate and desire to avoid monotony at all costs